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Tips and tricks for travel escorts

Have you ever wanted to travel the world, go on luxurious shopping sprees, and spend the night in a 5-star hotel with a generous gentleman or lady? You can become a travel escort and join clients on their business trips to exotic locations where they’ll spoil you rotten. Booking a working trip as a travel companion is a very lucrative deal. One that can also turn you into a VIP escort quicker than you’d think. If that sounds good, you should definitely give it a try. We’re here to give you some much needed tips on how to approach this new adventure!

Find out if your destination is local or foreign

If you’re going to visit a town from your own country, you won’t need things like travel documents or a passport. You will, however, need them should your client take you to a foreign destination. Therefore, it’s recommended to ask before you set your price with your customer.

Do a research about the country you’ll visit

Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on the Internet looking for info about a certain destination or buy a bunch of travel guides. Simply ask a friend who’s already visited that place and ask her or him for more details. Browse Wikipedia or visit the official tourist website of the country you’re booked to go to with your client.
The above are great ways to find what you can do for fun while your customer is on a business meeting. Plan a couple of activities ahead to surprise your client with when you’re finally alone with them. Trust us: they’ll feel so spoiled and appreciated!

Ask about lodging and transportation

It’s crucial to know how you’ll be travelling and where you’ll be staying throughout your trip with your customer, so ask about it beforehand. As a rule, your client will take care of this in advance. They’ll want to know your real name to buy plane or train tickets, so make sure you’re comfortable sharing this bit of personal info with him or her. If you have to take care of lodging and transportation on your own, our advice is to refuse the booking point blank.

Personal time vs client time

As a travel escort, you’ll have moments where you forget you’re on a business trip. You might even end up spending too much time on a shopping spree and miss your date with your client. It’s OK to do some sightseeing or have some coffee on a terrace but remember: you’re there to provide companionship. Your customer must be your focus on the trip.

Check the weather

One of the most important things to know before you’re off to a new destination is what clothes you’ll pack. The weather plays a huge role in your decision, as does the type of event you’ll be attending with your client. Will it be very hot or cold, will the two of you be together at night or during the day? Don’t repeat the same outfit for two different events. To avoid this, make sure you pack several outfits of various lengths and colors and switch them accordingly. Your date is going to appreciate it lots, as will his or her business associates.

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A whole world of exciting opportunities awaits you when you decide to become a travel escort. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, though, but with the right tips and tricks, you’re going to ace it! Tell us how your first day as a travel companion went in the comments section below, we can’t wait to hear about it!