Duo Escort Girls Holly and Sophia

Duo Escort Holly and Sophia

İstanbul Escorts Duo Escort Girls Holly and Sophia

Tel: 0531 5684201

Duo Escort Girls Holly and Sophia 
İstanbul Escort Çift Bayan Sophia & Holly İstanbul Escort Couple Girls Holly & Sophia

Sophia & Holly Tel: 0531 5684201

İstanbul Duo Escort Girls Holly Escort Sophia

Holly and Sophia are naughty little girls and they need someone to come teach them a lesson. Are you a powerful man who knows how to show young girls the way to act like a woman? If you think you can show these pretty little things how to act right then you should call us here at İstanbul 69 Escorts and book a date with Holly and Sophia. When you get Holly and Sophia together you get the best of both worlds. Holly is a little blonde haired exotic looking scandinavian squaw who will be savagely intent on satisfying your needs. Sophia is a tall and glamorous young vanilla bean who needs rescuing from the big bad world. This demure İstanbul escort will be docile and subservient to your desires and you can over power her with little resistance on her part. The combination of the two girls is quite nice to be in the middle of. You can act out just about all of your wildest fantasies.

These two İstanbul escorts are just waiting for a big strong man to call and take them into his arms and be their teacher. They are so young and naive they think that they have a lot of experience but any man that spends an evening with them can tell right away that they have no idea what it means to be a woman. This is of course, a very good thing. The simple fact that these two do not know how to handle every situation means that every date they go on, they can be molded by their client into whatever that man desires her to be. How lucky for the particular man! He can have not just one but both the girls of his dreams!

This blonde and brunette escorts  two of our most promising new Paddington escorts. These girls have a very nice space set up to entertain clients in and are happy to receive guests at almost all hours of the day and night. They will also make the trip over to your house if you would prefer that. Call now and book a date with these two adorable girls. Holly and Sophia

Yaş: 23 ve 24

Cinsiyet: Bayan

Etnik Köken: Caucasian ( Rus )

Ülke: Türkiye

Şehir : İstanbul

Saç Rengi: Sarışın ve Kumral

Göz Rengi: Ela

Boy: 175cm 178 cm

Kilo: 52 kg 53kg

Ölçüler: 90- 60-90 cm

Elbise Bedeni: M

Ayakkabı No: 36

Gögüs Ölçüsü: D

Genital Bölge Kılları: Traşlı

Sigara: İçmiyor

İçki: Arasıra